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    I have used travel tracker for a long time. I really like it.

    However, it does not seem to work to well on the Treo 650.

    Anyone have any alternative suggestions?


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    WorldMate PRO is expensive but SUPERB.
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    I looked on PalmGear and could not find "WorldMate Pro" or "World Mate Pro." Where can I see this? Also, I've been using TravelTracker on my 650 since I got it this past May (on Verizon) and love it...always have loved it from the start on my Kyocera 7135. It does exactly what I need, beautifully.


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    Worldmate Pro. I loved having it whilst traveling to Ireland this Summer.
    Search forum for Handmark, or Mobimate.

    Handmark Worldmate Pro


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    Yes, Worldmate is the app you need.
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    for any using traveltracker on the treo 650. I have loved it for a long time. reading alreadt entered data is fine. but on the 650 entering data causes the treo to make some beeping noises for 10 seconds and then hang for 30 seconds. Is anyone else seeing this?
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    I've used traveltracker for a long time on the 650... no beeping noises, works fine without problems...

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