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    Hello All

    I have a wired GPS on my 650 using Mapopolis. Due to the constant crashing of Mapopolis Im looking to buy TomTom 5 for my 650. My question is : "Which version of TomTom will work with a 'wired' GPS unit?"
    I can only find info on bluetooth GPS units on the site. Will wired be reognized? Is a demo available?

    Thanks all.
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    I second the question - I have Mapoplis as well, and I've heard very good things about TomTom - currently have an I.Trek GPS mouse. Any ideas?
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    I am using an i.Trek S1 mouse GPS with my Treo 650 and TomTom Navigator 5 (TT5)and it works great. No problems as all. I even purchased the bluetooth adapter for the i.Trek S1 and in the end decided that I like the wired option better. This way, if a phone call comes in while I am using the GPS in the car, I can use my bluetooth headset. As soon as the call is connected, the TT5 comes right back. Plus the phone stays charged.

    Magohn, Check out or for various GPS and software offerings. Unfortunately, there is no demo available for TT5.

    Good luck.
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    Just a quick update om my situation. I went with Tom Tom 5 Navigator and after a few bugs on the install I must say this prog is head and shoulders above Mapopolis.

    Works great with my generic, wired GPS receiver and Im having a blast with all the options that actually work! (Mapopolis take note!)
    I deleted Mapopolis form my 650 and will never go there again. Terrible reset problem on the 650 and no way to get a refund.

    TT5 is excellent software, thanks for all the help....
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