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    OK. I have been looking for a while (2 hours), but have yet to find this problem:

    I have been trying to upgrade my firmware/software from:

    firmw: 01.23
    softw: treo650-1.06/5052/0 (and cant read the rest)

    to 1.28

    I have an unlocked 650 (formerly Cingular, I'm pretty sure-but no logo).

    After the synch I get an error message saying "not enough memory to complete this task".
    I have been certain to have at least 18, and sometimes up to 21mb of free space before synching. I have tried to make sure not to have other files transferring during the upgrade.
    What to do? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    It doesn't matter that you're using a Cingular phone, because you're using a version of ROW sw. It's really best to start with a completely empty Treo; use Palm's alternate method for applying the update.
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    Thanks Bill. That worked. You rock!
    I will probably wait unti lnext week to try the 1.43 upgrade!


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