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    I recently swapped out my Treo for a new one, after numerous problems. The odd thing is, the LCD seems different: it's harder to read in sunlight, and my polarized sunglasses have more of an effect, i.e., makes the screen hard to read. This wasn't the case with the old screen.

    Anybody else experience this? If not, let that serve as a warning: there might be new builds of the device that use a different LCD, and you might not like the difference...
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    I just changed over to Cingular because I couldn't get reception where I reside for my Treo. I returned the first phone I bought through Cingular because the speakerphone has a hissing sound and is very faint. The phone they replaced it with also has a faint hissing and is difficult to hear through the speakerphone function, and the regular earpiece is pretty hard to hear out of as well.

    The biggest problem with the new phone is that the screen is markedly dimmer and less brilliant than my Treo from Sprint. When I hold them side by side, the Sprint Treo is much brighter (when the contrast is adjusted at the same level of brightness) and the blues on the screen are much deeper. It's hard to see in regular daylight.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It's great that I'm getting excellent reception, but the phone quality is very disappointing. I guess I'll trade this one in as well, but I don't expect that the one they replace it with (if they alllow another replacement, since brightness is in the eyes of the beholder) will be much better.

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    Same thing happened to me when I got my defective Sprint Treo replaced. I think it might have to do with hardware revision. My old Treo had Rev. A, and my new one has Rev. B. I think there might have been some posts about this in the past. You'll get used to it after a while...

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    all LCDs are not created equal.

    ....keyboard lighting are not equal as well
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    and two Verizon Treo's.

    The Verizon Treo display is much more bright.
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    Palm pulled this crap on the Treo 600 as well. I had an earlier unit for about a year, then the unit had to be replaced. The screen on the replacement unit was much less bright and had an ugly blue cast in it. I am convinced it was a much lower quality screen than the one I had before.

    My impression then was that the first gen models (the ones that get all the reviews in the magazines) had nicer and brighter screens. Then 1 or 2 years into development when mainstream media no longer talks about it, swap out the part for a lower priced one and bump the margins.

    Of course just my theory - but when I read your story it sounded erily similar to what happend with my 600. What's the hardware rev #?
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    Most likely what's called an EC in most circles.. An Engineering Change, usually driven by a CR, a Cost Reduction... Sometimes high profile bugs are fixed along the way (as with a software or firmware update) but sometimes it's just a hardware change to make the production of the product cheaper.

    Happens in a lot of products from PDAs to Cars. One would hope most times there's no adverse side effects, but obviously sometimes there are going to be.

    It could be the backlight too, rather than the LCD itself. I would be more quickly to investigate that personally.
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    It seems more like a 600 in terms of screen resolution and quality. It looks grainy. It's Hardware B, but so was the Sprint, and I had just gotten the Sprint as a replacement (because of a bug) before I switched over to Cingular. I'll take it to a store on Saturday and plead my case and see if they have one with a brighter screen, which, again I doubt. I imagine they are using a cheaper LCD. Thanks for the help, gang.
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    I've thought about the backlight. I'm going to take it back in to the store and see if they display model is as dim as mine. And I'll take the Sprint phone with me as "evidence" that it really is brighter and clearer. It almost looks more like a bad black market copy of a Treo. I also noticed sound quality isn't as good. The Cingular "611" message cuts in and out and is slurred (sounds like they're drunk). Hope I can get a phone as pretty with as good sound quality as the Sprint one, but that gets the reception of the Treo one--I guess I want a lot.
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    Yes, this just happened to me. The LCD does seem different. I traded in a buggy Treo with Cingular during the 30 days and when I went outside into daylight I could barely see the screen. Also the images seem much grainier. Sound quality and speaker phone are also not as good. On the other hand, the phone I received from Sprint just weeks before, was the same beautiful quality. I had to change to Cingular from Sprint because of reception and the dispay is crap.
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    I think it is just the "luck of the draw" on how good the screen is. Over the years when I have received replacements and compared them side by side, I have seen that some screens are brighter, dimmer, more yellow, more blue, etc.
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    There are two different screens for the Treo. Early models got the brighetr screen which some say has a bluish tint. Later models arrive with a less bright screen and a yellowish tint. Search teh forum on blue - blueish or yellow yellowish and ya should find some cummentary.
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    Does your new screen also exhibit the yellow cast and the "rainbow effect" in direct sunlight?
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    FWIW, If you poke around the forums at Brighand, you will find almost the exact same conversation about the Tungsten T3.
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    It's just not right to do that.

    For years I have been the biggest Treo fanboy - and I still believe that the Treo is the best smartphone out. But I have to honestly say over the last two years, my impression of Palm has gone down dramatically. When the rest of the market finally catches up to them, I will seriously consider alternative brands.
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    Forgive me for asking the obvious, but did you play with the brightness setting? My Cingular Treo is bright enough to guide planes in to Logan Airport on a foggy night!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightcap
    Forgive me for asking the obvious, but did you play with the brightness setting? My Cingular Treo is bright enough to guide planes in to Logan Airport on a foggy night!
    Same here - at night I have to set my Cingular treo to it's lowest setting (one step above off) or it's blinding me. Daytime in ful sun I turn it up halfway.

    Not all differences are cost related though - sometimes vendors change hardware for reasons outside their control (component obsolence, capacitor shortages, etc.)

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    I did play with the brightness settings, and made sure both the Sprint phone and Cingular phone were at the same brightness setting. I took it into the Cingular store along with the old Sprint 650 and put them down on the counter side by side. The customer service rep was astonished. He said the difference between the screens on the two phones is astonishing. He went to the back of the store and brought out another new phone out of the box and put all three on the counter, turned all three on, and the Sprint 650 screen shined brightly like the North Star, while the two Cingular phones looked dull as dishwater. He sent an email to technical support asking why there is such a difference between the screen on the Sprint phone versus the Cingular phones (I checked the phones on display at two different Cingular stores and all of them had the same dull display as mine). At least I'm not alone, but I'm also not happy. With Sprint, I got terrible reception, but a pretty phone. At Cingular, I'm getting outstanding reception, albeit less outstanding sound quality overall (hissing on the speaker phone--the display phones are the same) and low sound), but a dull screen. Not what I had become accustomed to from the 650--it's like I have a 600 again in terms of screen quality. If I had another good option (a different smartphone) I'd probably switch. But the Treo's the best thing out there, and I had to pay the early cancellation fee with Spring, so I can't justify additional expense at this time). Argh. It's just frustrating.
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    He said hopefully In should here from Cingular by the middle of next week sometime--I doubt they can/will do anything....any suggestions what I might ask them to do? I wish they'd get me an unlocked Palm phone, if it had the same screen, but I know there's no way they'd do that. Oh well, I'll wait and see what they come back with. I wish they'd at least knock off part of the monthly data plan pricing--it's 39.99 a month, ouch!
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