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    I have been using the 1.43 (I think that's what it is, the latest "unofficial firmware) for the last month or so with no no problems. I have added absolutely NOTHING to my 650 in probably 5 months.

    Suddenly today ALL the buttons stopped responding. So since I have backups I do a hard reset.

    Hard reset comes to the point where you use the 5 way to say YES to erase everything. So I use the UP button for YES and the reset continues. Next up comes the choose language screen. Once I get to that screen NOTHING works. No response from the center button to select the language and no response from the up/down to scroll through the languages. Ther ONLY MOMENT the 5way works is when I select UP to continue with the reset ... after that I can't use it any further. Nothing else reponsds ... no side buttons, no keys ... nuttin.
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    There could be something small caught under the casing at the screen periphery simulating a permanent "touch" on the screen?

    You can use the corner of a business card and carefully work your way around the edges of the screen just under the casing to remove whatever it might be.

    Also, if you are able to get the Treo booted up, you may have to use the touchscreen recalibration process... it's in the Preferences of my T600 but I'm not sure where it is in your T650.
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    Tried that ... still nothing. Just called Palm .. $25 for a cross-ship. This device has been flawless since March when I got it, now I'm afraid of what they are going to send me back. Probably some scratched up POS.

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