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    I switched the time zone on my WinNT machine and all my appointments shifted in the Palm software. I was on Pacific time then I switched to GMT=0 and changed the clock accordingly. I hand to switch the clock to accommidate another software package. Is there any way to avoid this problem in the future?
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    Sorry to resurrect an old question, but this problem has plagued me to no end. I travel a lot, and I often change the time zone on my laptop (Windows ME). When I do that, it automatically shifts ALL of my appointments on my Visor accordingly, which is of no use whatsoever. Any advice?
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    For traveling, try this:

    Don't change the zone on the PC/notebook-- change the time instead.

    Of course, this doesn't help the one who changes the zone for other application purposes...if you must do that, change the zone back and re'sync to get your device in sync again.

    This is a limitation of the Palm Desktop (and possibly other PIMs) and the PalmOS. Palm and HS support has a couple of support notes on this (search on "time zone").
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    just leave the time as is ... and remember that the time is in the "home" time zone ...

    really, that's a pain and i'm not sure that there would be a solution that you'd be happy with.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    It is a pain, but at least I'm consoled by the fact that I wasn't doing some very stupid. I ended up going into nearly everyone of my appointments since last August and pushing them back nine hours to their original time. Now I know better. Thanks for responding.

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