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    Has anyone's Treo (mines Cingular) mysteriously reset when opening an application?

    Mine reset whenever I opened Versamail and I found the fix which required deleting some files. I now use Xpressmail instead to avoid future problems.

    I thought the headaches were gone but today when I went into messaging and sent a text message, the Treo reset on its own again. I waited for the reboot and went back to messaging and it reset.

    Taking a shot in the dark to fix it, I took out the battery, counted to ten and then put the Treo back together. So far, the problems gone away.

    Is this inherant with the Treo?
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    A well-configured Treo running few, stable 3rd party applications is reset-free for weeks or more.

    Make sure you have the latest Cingular firmware.

    After a reset, dial the following
    That will show you the application that caused the reset. Post the details here and we may be able to offer specific advice..
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    It reads, "A crash occurred on 10/28/05 at 9:19 am while running "Messaging": Fatal Exception.
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    You may have a corrupt Message database. Try deleting the file "Messages Database" using a utility like FileZ (be careful and don't delete anything else!!).

    You'll lose all your SMS/MMS messages.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Please help. It resets within 15 seconds of accessing the application. I looked at the Messages Database file and it had 0k.
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    About every 6 months, I have to delete my Versamail message files and start over. They need to build some fault tolerance and repair into that app.
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    What is the best way you have found to delete the message file?
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    I deleted the Messages database and reset the Treo. It still reboots within 10 seconds of entering Versamail.
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    do a search for this. my wifes treo had same prob a while back.

    go to home. then menu, delete. then u get a list of files u can delete. there will be one or two odd ones that are the culprit. if ur not sure post a list of them on this thread and we will figure it out. u don't need filez to get to the culprit in my experience

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