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    I was in the middle of using my Treo 650, hung up on a call and went to make the next call but I can't hear anything - not through ear, speaker or Bluetooth. I have done soft resets but no luck. Everything else works fine. Any ideas?
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    Had similar problem last month. The difference, I was able to hear thru headset.


    try hard-reset
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    no, don't hard reset... stick your head set in, play an mp3. then stop playing. swith to another app. then pull the head set out. Mine did this a while back and it got stuck in speaker mode or something and i did this sequence i think.
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    Check the obvious... make sure the phone volume is turned up. You'll need to be on a call to do so.
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    Wish it was that easy.
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    is your botton to switch on the speakerphone gone?
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    I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago - only I could still hear through the headset. I ended up having to do a warranty exchange.

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    Sounds like your handsfree headset jack has shorted out. Mine was replaced under warranty b/c of this. I couldn't get audio out of any speaker.
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    I just had this same problem - no speaker and no call volume - but headphones would work. I did multiple softs and one hard reset with no luck.

    I did what mtndew said above and it worked like a charm. Wish I had seen it sooner....
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    If you can hang in there, I will have a software solution to the headset jack failure within a few days. The soluiotn will be delivered as an add-on to VolumeCare.

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    Did you try a hard reset? We need to know what you've tried.

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