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    I managed to load all of the USA regions from the second cd. Why are there 8 other cds?
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    I had to use 3 separate CD's to get the regional and/or state maps I wanted. Didn't do the whole USA except for the major roads & cities map. Did you select more (or something like that) at the bottom of the first list to see the additional map combinations?
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    Im confused I loaded the West region that was 160mb do I need to load the states for that region seperatly?
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    you don't need to load both individual states and regionals - each state has its own map, and then there are combinations of multiple states bundled together allowing you to plot a multi-state trip. there are so many CDs because they are a large # of different state bundles - i was impressed by the ability to find a bundle that suited my needs without having too many extra states. I live in CT and travel between VT, MA, and NY frequently, so the "NY VT NH ME RI CT MA NJ" map allows me to plot trips through the whole region without having to load the whole US or whole eastern seaboard.

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