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    I recently moved from a Treo 600 on Sprint to a Treo 650 on Cingular. All I have right now is a standard voice plan, not their "MediaNet" offering. But I wanted to know if it was possible to setup VersaMail or SnapperMail to still send email.

    On Sprint, I set up the mail clients to get my email from my ISP's (Comcast) mail server, but because Comcast doesn't allow sending mail from outside their system, I sent the mail through a Sprint server.

    So I guess my real question is, is there a Cingular server I can use for this, and if so, what's the server name? I rarely send email, and don't right now want to pay alot more per month just for the few times I use it. But I'd like to have it handy if I need it. Or is the only way to do this by signing up for Cingular's data or MediaNet plan?
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    I use SnapperMail on My Cingular Treo 650 and it works just fine with MeidaNet. I had it on my Sprint 600 and it worked fine. I had it on Verizon Kyocera 7135 and it worked fine. SnapperMail rocks. Deifinitely spring for the version that stores to your memory card or you will eat up your RAM pretty quuick.

    Why don't you sing up for the MediaNet plan? It's pretty inexpensive. The Data plan is a ripoff, you don't need it.
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    The outgoing server on Cingular is I use this to send my emails with versamail from a Cingular phone.

    On the other hand you can sign up for Gmail or another email service and you can use their outgoing server to send email.

    Either way you may want to sign-up for a data plan because any email sent will be charged as pay-per-use for the data sent.

    BTW if you need a Gmail invite PM me your email address (don't post it) and I can send you one.
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    You can pay a one time $15.00 fee for a fastmail account. This comes with an smtp server you can use.

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