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    I've already gone back and forth with extremely worthless response from Mobimate's tech. support regarding an issue I'm having with Worldmate Pro.

    I registered the app. back in June when I purchased it. I received an email telling me that there was an update that included the Mobimate Desktop companion, but after attempting to install the update, the desktop companion does nothing but crash during startup and gives me error messages.

    Now Worldmate Pro on my Treo has stopped running without asking me to register. When attempting to re-register the app. with my key, it gives me yet ANOTHER error that prevents me from updating via the wireless update option.

    After running my backup I STILL get the registration problems.

    What gives? Does Worldmate registration only work for 5 months? Do updates negate the old registration without having to purchase the stupid upgrade?

    I find some of the Handango/Handmark/Mobimate type apps a little expensive and their tech. support seems to lack in REAL fixes.

    Anyone have any similar issues?



    unlocked/unbranded GSM / T-Mobile
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    fixed. Folks at Mobimate sent me a new key. I still haven't tried reinstalling the desktop companion though.


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