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    HeLLo aLL how u doing ?!

    well , i post this thread that i want to know wat is the best launcher for palm ?! i tried Zlauncher i didnt like it .. and IsPin launcher and winlauncher i didnt like them too....

    im searching for a good launcher thats look like windows or something like this ..looks like pro i mean , so i just want to know wat ppl using the most launcher which one .. and why ?!

    and thx
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    It's kind of like asking "what's the best car?"

    Too many choices and everyone has their own opinion. There is just no "best" launcher. You have to try them all and decide for yourself which one fits YOU best.

    This thread should help.
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    I hate to add to a thread subject that has been beat to death but in my opinion the best launcher is the one with the most options and that is ZLauncher.

    I have tried them all and I'm sticking with the one the phone came with since a launcher isnt really needed.

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