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    I've had the worst experience with signal strength on my 650. When I first got it, it was decent....not great but not horrible. Then as the months progressed it got worse and worse. Finally I wasn'table to grab a signal at all in my usual places (ie Work, Home, Highway). I would probably drop about 15 calls a day.

    My carrier: T-Mobile service is fairly good in my area (Baltimore/Washington), and the signal was good in "regular" phones. SO I decided to go to Palm with this and was able to get a replacement phone due to "hardware issues."

    I received my replacement today and popped in my SIM card.....and what do you know.....I now get full bars again in my office.....where just 10 seconds before hand my other unit was "Searching for Signal."

    If anybody has the same reception/signal strength issues, please get a new unit. It's the only way.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    The signal in my house used to be awful. I'd walk out the door and have 2+ more bars than in the house. pain in the ****.
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    I've heard reports that metal hard cases cause problems with reception, as most of the antenna is actually inside the body of the phone.

    Possible that was the reason?

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