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    Green Phone butten no longer cycles to call log and recient numbers

    Worked fine- installed act for palm- crashed- erased act for palm- problem began- did soft reboot- no help- did hard reboot delete all data- WORKED- Synched data back to phone- Problem returned- something in the backup sync fix creates the problem again- so its- no call log or no data- Any help?? chris
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    Go look in your back up folder on the PC and see if something from ACT is in there. Delete the saved preferences file from the back up folder and from your Treo to make sure the it is not a problem there. THe saved preference folder will start fresh on the Treo. You might have to reset a few preferences, but if it fixes it...
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    Try button fix
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    If you're using DateBk5, it screws up the green button, but there is a fix that you can download from there site, called "ResetPhoneButton". If you DL DateBk5 (, it's a little applet in the the "advanced stuff" folder, when unzipped. Even if you don't use DateBk5, maybe it'll fix the problem for you.

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