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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks
    It's the building opposite the potion shop entrance door. Use the door furthest away from the potion shop on that building.....
    Thx, finally found it. Game resets on me way too often though
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    Quote Originally Posted by superman820
    game finished! level 25 elf fighter.

    You truly are a superman

    I'm currently level 12....
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    i played again my saved game before killing that big demon... AND i am now going to level 33..hehehe... my secret is i trained hard in the highlands with respawning wolfs.

    if you are done already with the game those wolfs will not respawn anymore so better train before you decide to kill the demon so that you end up in a high level...
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    for those who have too many resets:

    1- leave as much as possible empty space in your ram before playing
    2- check your db cache
    3- go to the forums and tell the problem in a thread.

    I was the Treo 650 betatester of this game and finished it 2 times. it plays successfully on my Treo 650 (from card with 13MB free ram and 9MB dbcache)
    I only have problems with Worldbuilder...
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