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    is there a FREE progam which would allow me to view my treo and read and write files to the sd card inside? i am looking for a free program.
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    yes filepc2pda
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    cool do you know how i would get this. does it work well with the sd cards and the t650?
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    Treoing & Loving it
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    actually for some reason it is telling me there is an error finding the port yet my treo is plugged in thru the usb and hotsync program is not running. any ideas why this is not working?
    thanks again
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    In the desktop app, choose USB Palm port connection speed 115200, and on the palm app choose usb port. This is the setting in my app
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Try exiting Hotsync while using this program!
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    This is a tricky app. I thought it didnt work but it does. You almost have to write yourself direction for it if you dont use it often because its not really obvious.

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