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    Has anyone attempted to remove the little mirror on the 650, near the camera. For some reason it bothers me and would like to get rid of it. Self-portraits are not high on my priority list....
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    you could just put a sticker over it, or electrical tape or something
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    Magic marker?
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    That Transylvanian heritage can certainly cramp some activities.
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    Are you really that unattractive? Personally I like being able to catch sight of myself in that little mirror occasionally - remind myself that I actually look pretty damn fine...
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    Don't try it. You might crack it in the process of removing it. That can mean seven years of bad luck.
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    I say keep the mirror for awhile, play with it, keeping in mind how it may become useful in everyday life,,,,,,

    How else would you check to make sure you don't have something unsightly hanging out of your nose or in you teeth right before that special someone opens the door.

    You can peek at it to see what those dam mischievous office coworkers do behind your back when seated in your cubical.

    Hell, one day it may even save your life. How else would you reflect the sun to sign mores code to passing ships if you were stranded on a deserted island. PalmOne knows what their doing Don't belittle your self by not realizing the insights of others.
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    sandpaper and elbow grease?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    a chiclet
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    A hammer and chisel should do the job...
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    thanks folks, i munt not be at that Treo-nirvana state yet...
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    Try this it helped me achieve Nirvana
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    Well first we'll need some ice cubes, then a buffalo, live or stuffed...preferably stuffed for safety reasons, and a 9 iron.

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