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    i just bought a new treo 650 yesterday and really loving it but this is really killing me i have over 1000 contact and they have been organised in way that they should be diplayed in First Name, Last Name order but contacts app does not allow for this option.. is there a work around or an alt. app...

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    Pissed me off too, it can't be done. I requested that Palm add this fundamental but they refused to do so.

    You can cheat by storing people's names in the Company Name field instead (and enabling Company Name in the display order options), but that's a poor workaround for a multitude of reasons.

    The solution is to use TakePHONE, a sophisticated and reasonably priced replacement for the PalmOne Phone app which I and countless other Treo owners reply upon to provide the features that PalmOne failed to, this being one example of many.
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    I should add that the author is quick to respond to constructive criticism and feature requests, releasing frequent beta updates - see the dedicated ShSh Software forum here.

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