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    I have just discovered the joys of Avantgo channel surfing. I am sure this has been discussed before but I was wondering what channels people are subscribed to?

    I will lead it off
    My Channels
    1. Visorcentral(of course)
    2. USA Today
    3. Wall Street Journal
    4. Stock Smart
    5. IntheCrease (hockey)

    also are there any links on how to create a channel?

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    Today I have:

    1. MSNBC News (the only news channel I've found that includes local headlines for the DC area)
    2. New York Times - Latest News
    3. OnPolitics -
    4. The Economist
    5. Yahoo (stocks, weather, sports scores & Reuters "Oddly Enough")
    6. My Gist TV Listings
    7. TV Guide
    8. MetaCritic (movie reviews)
    9. HandHeldCrime
    10. The Onion
    11. Visor Central
    12. PalmInfoCenter
    13. ZDNN PalmPilot Downloads

    Would love to hear about any mobile channels people have found that aren't listed by AvantGo--I'm sure there must be some more out there...

    Sorry, I don't know of any info on how to create a channel other than the "custom channel" area on AvantGo.
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    • Beyond
    • - TV Today
    • GoodAuthority
    • Joke a Day
    • My GIST TV Listings
    • New York Times - Front Page
    • News of the Weird
    • OnPolitics from Washington Post
    • Salon
    • SCI FI Channel
    • Science Daily News
    • Slate
    • Slightly Off Center - USA Today
    • Waiting for Bob
    • Weather Underground (custom channel)
    • Wired News
    • ZDNN News
    • ZDNN Rumors & Comment

    I read Visor Central every morning and noon online, so I really don't need it on my Visor.

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    I only added AvantGo about a week ago, so I'm still doing a lot of fiddling around and choosing with my channels. I'll be paying close attention to this thread for anything that looks interesting.

    Right now I've got:

    New York Times - Front Page
    SCI FI Channel
    Weather Channel
    Wired News
    ZDNet To Go

    I think the is one that I'd like to either replace or find a better way to customize. What I'm looking for is a channel that has movie times (I don't really need reviews or details), and can install several days worth of scheduling at once. Vindigo did that, but I got rid of it because it had so much other stuff that I didn't use and I thought I could find a better use for the free space.
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    I have (Online discounts)
    Every Three Weekly (Onion-like humor)
    Health News Digest
    The Onion
    The Wall Street Journal
    Visor Central (Although I always read it on my PC)

    PeloGrande, you can add movie theaters to your profile at Yahoo and then have movie schedules transferred to your handheld. Unfortunately the nearest theater to me is 100 miles away but I was able to check the movie listings last night since I'm flying there Friday (time to eat some fast food too!).
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    DrinkBoy news domestic news - PDAGeek
    Handheld Computing (tm) Magazine
    Joke A Day (Mature)
    Maxim Online
    Mobile Computing Online
    New York Times --customized channel
    Visrocentral new posts --customized channel
    Wired News
    Words of the Month
    ZDNet UK To Go
    ZDNN Internet
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    moi, j'ai

    the weather channel
    wired news

    au revoir.
    all around good guy

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    zieak, thanks for the advice on the Yahoo! channel. Its movie listings fit my needs much better than most of the other stuff out there. It even lets me save space by excluding the lousy theater down the road that I wouldn't visit if you twisted my arm.

    The Yahoo! channel also has some other neat features, but I'm a little bummed that they don't include NCAA Baseball in their sports listings. I'm sure I can find that elsewhere without too much trouble.
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    Originally posted by OvaGirl
    Here are my current faves...

    Bay Area Lindy List–SF area Lindy Hop Dance Calendar (custom)
    Fox News
    SalsaCrazy – SF area Salsa Dance Calendar (custom)


    See ya guys out dancing!
    And for those Swing/Lindy dancers in the Boston area, there's Total Swing Online:
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    Any idea why Fox News is no longer available.
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    fox news is available, i am still syncing it.
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    He are my custom channels:

    For visible satellites go to:
    Set up your position with your PC, then go to visible satellites at the brightness you want.
    The website will produce a chart for the satellites tonight. Cut the web address then paste into custom channels in AvantGo. Now when you update, hotsync or wirelessly, you get the satellites for the next night. Excellent

    For local TV wx radar picture links:
    Cut and paste the following homepage-
    This site will link you to live radar pictures only no extra bull,
    Fits nicely on your display and great for storm chasers who are wireless.

    Same as above, but weather satellites:

    I also like to have some web cams available for example:
    you can get the URL of this type of picture by right clicking
    on the picture and then checking the properties.

    Try these with your PC first and see if you like.
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    Does anyone else have some other useful custom pages for wireless?
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    That's weird.

    I can't get foxnews anymore.

    It says it's unavailable.

    Also, foxsports says something about page not found when I try to read it.

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    Anandtech to Go
    CompUSA Special Promotion (10% off PDA access.)
    CreativePro Mobile Coupons Technology
    Every Three Weekly (might be deleted soon, though) mobile edition
    GALE FORCE F1 (Formula 1, the only motorsport IMHO)
    Intranet Design Magazine Unwired Edition
    The Wall Street Journal
    Total Deals Mobile Edition
    Wireless Developers Network
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    I get the same Page Not Found message with Fox Sports. It has been like that for the past week for me.
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    interesting, i fox news and sports is working for me
    all around good guy

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    I noticed that on the 15th Fox News stopped nenewing on my Handspring. About a week later I removed it because it then gave me a message that it was unavailable. Bummer. I liked their diversity of news. I'd like Yahoo! news but I can only seem to get the first category I have on MyYahoo! list of news categories. Anybody else have this problem? Better yet, anybody know what I can do to get all my selected categories on a Sync?
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    Foxnews and foxsports do NOT work for me.

    I can't understand how some of you are still synching it and some not.

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    zieak--I have the same problem with Yahoo. It seems to only synch certain categories of news (sometimes just the first one listed, sometimes one or two others as well) and it always gives me 10 stories per category no matter how many I ask for on my home page. As a result, I've pretty much given up on Yahoo for news--now I use them only for the sports scores, movies, stocks and weather. Try MSNBC news (rather than the full MSN mobile channel) as a substitute for FOX. They give you local, national, business, sports (actual articles, not just scores) and entertainment/health. I think you still have to set up your preferences via an MSN homepage, though. Last time I checked AvantGo didn't offer it, but here's the url:
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