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    I need urgent help.

    My VP's secretary came to me to ask for help using the new Treo 650 my VP had purchased. She wanted me to download some pictures and videos from the phone. Thinking it was easy enough, I obliged. I looked at the manual, which simply stated that videos and photos would be downloaded automatically upon synchronization. I thought it was just a matter of installing the new software for the Treo 650. I used the software that came in the box and installation went incredibly well. It made some mention that unsupported software would be placed into some temporary folder. Good enough.

    Only after I had successfully installed the software, did I find the full scope of the work. The VP had wanted the files to be downloaded, so that he could return the Treo 650, and resume using his old Treo 600. He was only trying out the Treo 650!

    He then tried doing a HotSync (including Outlook) using his Treo 600, and of course it did not work. How do I go about restoring the Treo 600 software without losing any information (i.e. without losing my job)?

    A complication to this problem is that the VP can't locate his original software for the Treo 600. If restoration requires the original CD, anyone have an extra copy for sale?

    If I can keep using the Treo 650 software with the Treo 600, how do I do that? What are the complications with doing that?

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    I've read here somewhere (do a search) that you can use the Treo 650 desktop software for the Treo 600. But I suspect that the hotsync name has changed. You might try changing the name (you can find the changename program at on the Treo as well as the ID. You can install the program on the 650 to see what the hotsync name and IS are, then change the 600 to that name and ID.

    This might help.
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