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    Anybody know about Toccer?

    It's an "AIM client" (I hope those are the right words)

    It seems easy and it's free apparently. But I wanted to see if anyone knows for sure if it's free and won't be counting towards my text msgs. I have Verizon and the unlimited data plan if that matters.
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    Not sure anyone has heard of it before...

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    sorry guy. i tried searching before i replied and got no results, so i'm not "new" to msgboards.

    but thanks again for the point in the right direction
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    insertion is so subtle
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    It doesn't appear to use SMS. When you are in the Toccer program, it works as a normal chat client. When you leave it online but leave the application, it brings up an alert that a message has come through. I can't recall specifically that it is not an SMS message but I don't think it is.

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    Thanks Jason. I did a little research and figured as much but just wanted to check to be sure.
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    I've been using it for a bit over a month and can say that it uses data and not sms.

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