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    I would like to buy a Treo 650 and use it on the Sprint network here in the U.S, also I travel alot to the U.K and wish to use my U.K SIM Card while I'm in the U.K. Is there a Treo 650 that will enable me to do this?

    Can I buy a Sprint 650, get it unlocked and use my sim card with it in the UK or somthing like that?

    If anyones knows the best way I can use a Treo 650 with Sprint and in the U.K with a SIM Card, I'd be very grateful.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    You'll need a GSM phone if you want to switch SIM cards.
    (No Sprint or Verizon in this case)

    Either the Palm branded which is fully unlocked, or you can try your luck with a unlocked Cingular phone.
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    There is no way to use Sprint in the US and GSM in Europe with a single Treo 650. I travel over there a lot and therefore use Cingular in the US. T-Mobile should work too but wher I live in the US there is very poor coverage.

    If international roaming with a single phone is important to you, you will need to switch carriers.

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