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    No, the SIM has what you need for voice calls, but your phone has special settings for sending data, anything beyond an SMS message would need to be programed and I am not sure where you would get that information.

    That is my point, I don't know the settings for the Treo 650 for a Mexico SIM, and neither will anyone in Mexico.

    I used my Cingular Treo 650 in Ensenada, Baja Mexico a few months back. (voice & data worked). A lot of picture-emailing, & my bill was over $300.

    I have since unlocked the Treo 650, & want to do some picture-emailing in Ensenada. The above info was given to me by a vendor who sells SIM cards that work in Mexico City. It seems as if I won't be able to do what I want to do: buy a SIM card & do data-transfers (picture-emailing, etc).

    I need some advice from someone who has used an (unlocked) Treo 650 for data, in Baja.
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    I am not sure if gsm works in Baja. I have used my SPrint CDMA Treo in Rosarito for we b & calls with no roaming...
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    gsm works fine in all mexico, not only baja. But if you buy a prepay sim, only can use CSD not GPRS.
    If you go much time to ensenada, maybe can use a call plan to get GPRS.

    P.D. sorry about my english but i live in baja
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    Iíve used my Treo, both voice and data, in several areas of Mexico including Puerto Penasco and the Yucatan Peninsula without any problems. Cingular seems to have good roaming agreements down there. I would suggest picking up a Telcel SIM for local calls and adding the international roaming package (about $5.99/mo with Cingular) if you intend to use much airtime.

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