I recently emailed CES about some problems I was having with Quickword and here is my questions and thier response....
> I am a registered user of quickoffice and have it loaded on a Handspring
> Visor deluxe with an 8 meg springboard module and the only hacks I have
> are the "popup" hacks from Benc and left hack.
> I have some Quickword 5.0 questions.
> 1) Concerning bookmarks, if I go the the "edit bookmarks" selection, I
> only have 3 choices available. "OK", "Alphabet" or "Appear". According to
> the help menu I should have more choices available, in addition the top of
> the "Alphabet" is cut off and the screen is simply blank up the right side
> above "alphabet" . The bookmarks are visable down the right side. Also if
> I touch the stylus to the screen above "alphabet" little boxes will
> highlight but no text appears in them, therefore I don't know what they
> do. I ran into this trying to delete some bookmarks. Do I need a patch
> or is this a bug?
> 2) Next concerning other .doc readers. I have Mobipocket reader on my
> Visor deluxe and like to use it to read books. It allows hypertext which
> is convenient. If I load a book on my VDX, the next time I sync the book
> is deleted by Quickword, the only way to keep the book on the VDX is to
> open it in Quickword. However this initializes the book and wipes out all
> the bookmarks and such. It will then sync OK and appear in the
> Quickoffice desktop. Is there a way to force Quickword to leave these
> files alone? Or at least not strip the bookmarks out? You might ask why
> I don't use Quickword to read these books? If they have hypertext in them
> Quickword will place a bunch of control characters in the fields that make
> them hard to read.
> Thanks Josh Bowman

Here is their response....

I am sorry for taking so long to get back with you.

Regarding the bookmark issue, try turning off the Left hack. Does this at
least allow the program to function properly? Your feedback is appreciated.

Regarding the second, we corrected this in a new build placed online this
weekend. Please download from the same URLs, reinstall, reboot, and this
problem should be corrected.

Please advise on issue #1.



The left hack did fix the one problem however I have responded to them as follows....

Hi, thanks for the response
Regarding the second issue of Quickword stripping bookmarks from documents.
I d/l'd your latest version, which shows it to be 5.0.2 in my Word program
but still shows 5.0 on my Visor. However it still strips the book marks
from a book that is used by another reader. Now I was able to load a book
onto the Visor, without going through Quickoffice and proved it was there
via Mobipocket then hot synced again and the document was not deleted as it
had with the previous version and furthermore it was peacefully added to the
Quickoffice desktop under unfiled. So far you all are batting a 1000, what
can be done about the bookmarks? If you would like to duplicate this go to
http://www.mobipocket.com/en/DownloadSoft/default.asp and d/l the Mobipocket
Reader then choose a book with bookmarks such as
http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/...asp?BookID=591 (Twenty
Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
by Jules Verne). Then move the book to a Visor and open with Mobipocket up
at the top is a box that looks like a list, choose it and you will see
bookmarks to the chapters. Now open the book in Quickword and you'll find
no bookmarks and when you go back to Mobipocket....poof!!!....the bookmarks
are gone here too!

I hope this is helpful
Josh (BTW this is a great program and highly recommended)