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    i have not been able to reestore my treo650 using back up buddy and back up man does not seem to work at all. is there another good back up program in which people have had no problems in resotring and or backuping up the 650

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    Resco Explorer has a back-up feature which is very easy to use. I have not had to use the restore part of it but I would hope it works. If you have no luck with the other programs, might as well try Resco Explorer. If I remember correctly, it was fairly cheap. It's a great all around app anyway. I like it much better than FileZ or the built in file explorer on ZLauncher.
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    I wonder why backupman doesn't work. I have had zero issues in 3 months of use
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    i could try that resco bbut i do not know why back up buddy doesnt work, backup man i dont think was ever set for the treo 650? which version of back up man do you use?
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    Thats true. I had to dump BackupMan when I switched to the 650. It seems to work until you try to do a restore. I switched to Resco and have been very happy.
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    I've used TealBackup without problems. Both Backup and Restore
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    Believe it or not, I have both BackupMan and Resco Backup and actually use both of them for both full backups and incremental backups (Resco).

    Both have worked great.
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    You should try running the dbScan application and see if you have a database problem. That has caused my restores to not work in the past, so I run dbScan every few days just to make sure everything is up to snuff.
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    Also try doing a back up with the phone's radion turned off.
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    I think restores are almost certain to fail if the backup was done with the radio on.
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    Well I only suggested it.

    Actually I never backup/restore with the radio off. I always leave it on and I've restored a dozen times or more without a problem.

    Using Back Up Man.
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    Resco explorer (and Resco backup) is the only one of several I've tried (Backupbuddy or backupman, also) that has fully restored for me, although I have to run restore twice in succession to get all files restroed.
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    I use backupman and have restored several times each time it worked flawlessly and left nothing out. What version of backupman are you using? The early ones when the 650 came out didn't like the new memory.

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    v1.54 has worked for me except one time which it was corrupted. ran dbscan and after that no problems
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    My headphone jack crapped out. Sprint is replacing my 650 for free. Just wondering if anyone new the best way to transfer everything from my old 650 to the new one. I've got a gig sd card if that helps the cause.
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    Where can I buy backup man please? What website if you don't mind.
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    Resco Backup works great, whether the radio is on or off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alfred44
    Where can I buy backup man please? What website if you don't mind.
    You could probably buy it here. Or you could always Google it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alfred44
    Where can I buy backup man please? What website if you don't mind.
    This is the main page for BackupMan (
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    Backup Pro works for me. I use the free version.
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