I am using Verzamail 3.0C on my Treo 650 and until two days ago I was getting mail off my Exchange server at work just fine. When I pess the sync button now I get a message that says "There was a problem syncing messages. (Net123E) There was a problem connecting to your server. Check your network or server settings and try again."

Two other users in my office are having the same problem. I have confirmed that none of the info on my handheld has changed (user name, password, e-mail address, server name) and that incoming is set to port 443 using SSL and out bound goes to port 80 with no proxy. Our network administrator has confirmed that these are the setting for the Exchange server and nothing has changed on his end. He did apply SP2 to the 2003 Exchange server a week ago, but the Versamail worked fine for four days until we started getting this error.

Anyone else have this problem? More importantly, anyone know how to solve this issue???

Thanks in advance!