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    As a fledgling newbie with the treo 600, I am wondering about anticipated problems. I would like to transfer all of my data currently in a Sony Clie TJ27 and data stored on a Memory Stick to a Treo 600. I do have Blue Nomad's excellent Backup Buddy and am soliciting advise from anyone who has performed such a deed. Thanks in advance.
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    ...on what you mean by "data". I went from a TH55 to the Treo without incident. The first thing I did was move all my pics, music and videos from my memory stick to my laptop. I was syncing with Outlook, so I uninstalled Hotsync Manager and installed the new Treo Conduits. I then hotsynced all of the PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, ToDo). After I was happy that the data was there, I added the applications (pTunes, Zlauncher etc.) one by one. I then used a card reader to move all the pics, music and video from my PC to my SD card. I did all this over the course of a few days.

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