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    hey, when I play mp3's as soon as I goto my launcher, ptunes starts skipping extremly bad, then resets my treo, causing it to freeze at the palm screen. the only way I can get my treo unlocked is a hard reset. Any ideas?
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    btw realplayer works fine in the background
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    the only way I can get my treo unlocked is a hard reset. Any ideas?
    I think you mean soft reset right?

    Anyway, yeah Ptunes seems to skip more than Real for backround play. All the different audeo players have there +/-'s btw:

    -Ptunes: supports mp3,ogg, wma, shoutcast etc. Moderate choppy backround playback

    -Aeroplayer: support mp3, aac, ogg. Probably best overall audio quality. Album art. Most choppy backround play though...

    -Real: ra and mp3 support. Least choppy backround play imo, but lack features. Free

    -Busker is Treo specific, good backround playback with MP3, Ogg and Wav support, but again not as full features as Ptunes, nor does it support any sort of DRM...
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    no, its soft resets and hangs at the palm screen. the only way to get around this is a hard reset
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    also how is mmplayer in terms of quality and background?
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    If I quit out of zlauncher, background playback becomes almost skip free with realplayer. anyone else noticed this?

    edit: Even with realplayer if I try to do anything while play in background it always ends in either a hard reset or a zero out to get the treo to boot up again
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    hmmm, could it be that the bitrate on ym mp3's is too high? Ptunes works PERFECTLY in the background when listening to shoutcast. Most of my mp3s are VBR's and high bitrate files. could this be the problem?
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    I listen to 128k mp3's in the background with ptunes all the time and there is no skip. I do though get some skip with some 128 oggs and always get skips when my BT headset is not cradled properly and continues to re-ping the phone.

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    I tried 128 files and that still causes my treo to crash horribly (ending in a hardreset and restoreing). Its weird thouigh, because when listening to streaming audio it works PERFECTLY in the backgroud, but as soon as I try playing mp3s.... click beep BOOM!! I think the next step is to do a hard reset and install just Ptunes and see if it is a possible software conflict. Any known conflicts before I start the diagnostic process
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    problem solved. there were some corrupt files on my SD card. I formatted it and now all is well. Only problem I have is ptunes still chokes while using zlauncher, but when using the builtin launcher it runs skip free even when using blazer.
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    I've never had any skips or burps with pTunes. I do NOT have mmplayer or zlauncher.
    You also gotta have a good quality SD card. Higher speed is even better.

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    soft reset solved the skipping in zlauncher. everything wotrks perfectly now

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