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    How much exactly does Causerie cost for like 1yr or at least 2 yrs subscription or is it cheaper to get the 3yrs deal. My trial period is coming to an end and still deciding on what to do.
    Again, I use Cingular wireless and how will Causerie affect my Cingular bill cause I am on a tight burget right now.

    Does Cingular has a special deal like when to use Causerie and your bill will not be affected that much. Thanks guys and I need your help.
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    Depends on if you're going standard version or premier



    What data plan do you have with cingular? If unlimited, then causerie won't affect it at all. If you have a more limited data plan, then you can choose to run Causerie in the background and use SMS mode to save on data (if you have an SMS plan it might be less expensive)
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