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    First off i did search,

    I have a verizon treo with new updater and newest versamail as well. (3.1 i think). Problem is when i map the envelope button to versamail the first reset i get it goes back to the mail program that came with the treo (intellisync). Anybody have any ideas. This just happened a couple of days ago and i have had the phone for about 6 months beofre this problem appeared. I have filez, snap, volumecare, d2g. I thikn thats it but i had all these working fine before the problem began. I think it was the rom update but not sure. Thanks in advance for the help
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    After I downloaded and started using the Yahoo mail moblie program I noticed it kept hijacking my mail button. I use my versamail button more, so it kinda bugs me! I have volume care, but as I said I did not notice a difference until I installed yahoo.
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    Hmmmm.. Interesting
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    nobody else has a solution?
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    guess not
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    I don't have Verizon but I use Intellisync Wireless Email Express on my GSM Treo. The Intellisync product /service I use is the same as what Verizon uses (I think). I do not use it for email though. But it kept hijaaking my email button. Their tech support said there was no way to disable this "feature". I found a workaround, however - I was able to delete the SyncMail.prc application. The catch is that I think it might be in ROM on a Verizon phone.
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