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    I have searched over the site for the last hour and cant seem to find a fix.

    Problem is Word2Go. After I hit ##377 the problem is:

    Line:3771, Free handle.

    So far I have re-installed the W2G package, and it still soft resets EVERYTIME. It is really getting frustrating.

    any ideas?
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    Without WTG, your Phone is stable? What version of Word2Go and your phone firmware?
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    I wouldnt know if it was stable or not, it only crashes when I try to open a Word Doc. Excel is just fine. Phone Firmware is the latest, I believe 1.12 (???). Anyhow, I checked it yesterday at Palm's site to confirm.

    As for W2G, I DL it again yesterday so I would think it too is the latest. (7.006 if this helps)
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    MemoryMgr.c errors have been diagnosed as a hardware problem in a number of cases, including mine. I have not had one of those errors since getting my device replaced. You might want to search here on "MemoryMgr.c", there are a few threads about it.
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    thanks MarkY...

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