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    Read this blog post at You Had Me At EHLO...

    Basically, it appears that the various mobile device/gadget websites are strangely reluctant to simply call up Palm and ask a simple question or two on the record. So much for Citizen Journalists of the Blogosphere, much less "professional' journalists...

    It is up to each of you: Call Palm, ask the question provided, and post the result in the comments at You Had Me At EHLO, and then post here too.

    Basically, Ed Hott, Director of Business Development for Microsoft Exchange with primary responsibility for the Exchange ActiveSync licensing protocol, is on the record with the following comment:

    "All ActiveSync licensees have the ability to update their existing ActiveSync-enabled devices/applications to add Direct Push functionality. Palm is an ActiveSync licensee and can do this at their discretion."

    Since none of the self-professed "online journalists" seem capable of following up on this clear statement, I need as many people as possible to (1) call Palm, and (2) email or post forum posts on every imaginable site linking to this same info at You Had Me At EHLO.

    What is at stake? The choice between a simple ROM update that empowers several million existing devices VERSUS forced obsolescence and the required purchase of new devices of limited improvement.
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    Yes Palm is a licensee.....for what though?

    My take is that it is for the new treo 700w so it leaves the palm treos out cold still.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by madcap
    Yes Palm is a licensee.....for what though?
    Ahem. The Treo 650 is specifically licensed to use Exchange Activesync (from Microsoft). And according to Microsoft, Palm is explicitly permitted by that license to UPDATE the Treo 650's current software to take advantage of the new Direct Push functionality provided by Exchange 2003 SP2. TODAY!

    Quote Originally Posted by madcap
    My take is that it is for the new treo 700w so it leaves the palm treos out cold still.....
    Your "take" is uninformed and incorrect.

    What is most amazing to me is that ANY organization that has already deployed Treo 650s and utilizes Exchange Activesync SHOULD BE UP IN ARMS demanding to know whether or not Palm will provide that update; and also, assuming they will, WHEN!?!?!

    Can you believe that people are buying NEW Treo 650s every day even though Palm has not released this information? Personally, I would assume that EVERY Treo 650 sold after October 19th is eligible for a class action suit.

    Why? Because effective with the release of SP2, "Exchange Activesync" now includes "Direct Push" by DEFAULT, so any NEW device sold should probably carry a warning label that reads: "Warning this device does NOT support current Exchange Activesync Functionality." ESPECIALLY, if that device will NOT be updated.

    Microsoft has done a good job of warning WM5 buyers that the devices they are buying today will need upgrades; but Palm has NOT.

    I must say, however, that the lack of interest seems to indicate just how few Treo 650s must actually be in use in corporate accounts!?!?!?

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