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    I dont seem to be able to find a freeware RSS-reader. anyone can help me out?
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    Plucker (+ Sunrise converter)
    Avantgo (now supports RSS)
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    bloglines is a free web based rss aggregator. You can read your feeds via blazer (or any other Treo browser).

    Not really an RSS client, but free and requires no storage of feeds on the Treo.
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    Yes, Avantgo is doing a great job with RSS. Worth looking into....
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    Ah, Avantgo is the one of course. didnt know they supported RSS now. works like a charm! Thank you.
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    Hmm, I have bad memories of Avantgo being spyware like and ridden with advertisements. Has it changed in the last 3 years ( I last tried it 3 years ago ). Is sounds like the RSS reader works well from the posts, maybe I will go take a look-see at their site.
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    Another vote for Bloglines! (obviously..). I like it because my feeds are in sync between my Macs and my Treo.
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    If you have java, this free one is pretty good. RSS READER.
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