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    I would like to install a bluetooth handsfree carkit (Parrot) for use with my Treo 650. Additionally I would like to have the ability to occasionally use a bluetooth headset (leaning towards the HBH-662) in my car for more privacy.

    Is there any chance this configuration would work with the Treo? If so, with an incoming call, how would I choose where to send it?

    Just to make things even more unlikely to succeed, I am considering purchasing tomtom 5 w/ a bluetooth gps. But that is after I figure out what to do with the headset and/or carkit.

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    When I start my car, the Treo 650 gets paired automatically. At that point my Sony HBH662 is disconnected/un-paired from the Treo even though it is still on. When a call comes in, obviously the call would go through the car's BT System and speakers. If I want to disconnect to make the call private, I cancel the BT button on the Treo and take the call on the Treo. It does not give me the option of transferring the call to the HBH 662 headset. Actually the HBH662 headset will not work inside the car as long as my car is running.

    I'm not sure about the Tomtom GPS system working simultaneously with the phone BT system but I read somewhere here that the Treo can only accomodate one BT connect at a time.
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