Hello All
As I take a large amount of digital stills \ videos I have been using photo organizers for some time now. However, I have my Palm software pointing to my picture folder on my PC and as until recently had a problem where the .3g2 video files seemd invisible ( I was using Picasa ) to the orgnizer software. I just picked up a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 and lo and behold it recognizes the .3g2 extension and now I can organize my videos too! I was converting to WMV which was a pain because I dont want to convert all my videos just the ones I want to email. Now at least I can search and organize my .3g2 files without having to run conversion software on all.
A perfect Adobe upgrade would be to export as .mpg but I have other software for that so no biggie.
Just thought I would pass this on....