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    I need a SIP (VoIP) phone for my Treo.

    I know of Gphone, but the web site is broken. I'd be happy if someone could send me a copy.

    Are there any other VoIP phones out there for the Palm platform?
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    GPhone only worked, to my knowledge, with the Tungsten C. I tried it with the Treo, but it had trouble with understanding the mic and speaker config of the Treo. The company never updated the Palm version.

    A couple of people have hinted at a SIP client (like Pulver) but it has never materialized. There is no Palm SIP solution.
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    Yeah, there really are no SIP alternatives right now... Too bad..

    However the problem is that there really aren't that many wifi enabled PalmOS devices to take advantage of this. For example the Palm Tx has wifi, but NO integrated mic?! You think that was done on purporse? The only wifi enabled Palm devices right now are the dated Tungsten C and the Lifedrive...
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    Consider, tho, that the Treo has a good Bluetooth implementation. I've been using it for networking for several days.

    While conspiracy theories abound, I can't see why palm would deliberately cripple the T|X. I'd be more likely to attribute it to corporate stupidity than malace. Doesnt seem to be in their best interests.

    Well... maybe a bunch of people need to get someone's SIP and RTP stack into a useable phone, then...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBeeble
    Consider, tho, that the Treo has a good Bluetooth implementation.
    Laughing out loud. Treo has a marginal Bluetooth implementation, and it is only as good as it is because people like Shadowmite guilted Palm and the carriers into it. But I don't want to turn this into a Palm / Bluetooth flame thread.

    Even with Treo's Bluetooth, you are kind of teathered pretty close (10 Meters) from your PC, as Bluetooth Access Points are not increadibly common. I am not sure how this may be better than just using a bluetooth headset with your SIP client on your PC.

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