I've just upgraded from my trusty Treo 600 to a new Cingular-branded Treo 650 with the current firmware and software upgrades. When migrating my data, I was careful to change the name of my Palm backups folder and reinstall all of my third-party apps. Unfortunately, I'm finding that though the first few Entourage 2004 HotSyncs worked fine, they now crash midway through, while my Entourage conduit is trying to sync via either the cable or Bluetooth. Yup, I upgraded to the version of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager included on the CD. I'm running Mac OS X 10.4.2 and the new version of the Entourage 2004 conduit distributed in the Office SP 2 release (Entourage 11.2).

Oddly, it is seemingly random which conduit on the Treo is actively syncing when the crash occurs. For example, I went into the Entourage 2004 conduit settings on my Mac and completely disabled the "Tasks" portion since that was where it was balking -- but on the next sync it was the "Contacts" conduit that crashed. Very frustrating.

Has anyone else seen this symptom? Any advice on getting the crashes to stop? I've checked and unchecked the box in the Entourage conduit manager for allowing newer devices to sync, but it doesn't seem to affect the crashes.

I'm considering springing for for The Missing Sync: then at least I'll have a company I can ask for support if I use it and the HotSync crashes continue. If anyone here uses it, I'd be grateful for a report!