I had this exact same thing happen with VZW about a month ago. Upgraded from constantly crashing Kyo 7135 to T650. Never told that now my internet would no longer be taken out of my minutes as on my Kyo. Never offered ANY plans.

Downloaded something like 10mg and was charged something like $100. What?!

Take it off! You can't? I'd like a manager, please.

Sir, this is Slick Willie. I understand you'd like to have been able to access the internet through our network for free?

That's unfair, Slick. What I'd LIKE is for you to get in a time machine, go back to my date of purchase, and tell your CSR to inform me that, in the future, and unlike with my old phone, I'll be charged ridiculous amounts to access the internet so that I don't do it.

But since you can't, take it off, please.

About 20 minutes later (after offering to take off 50% of the charge that I 100% wouldn't have if I had been properly informed) he took it all off.

But I think it worked because my bill was small.

Two weeks ago I broke down and signed up for unlimited. The first plan I was offered? The $70-80 plan that I can't even use properly on my phone. When I asked for the cheapest unlimited plan, he put me on hold, and ten minutes later came back with the correct, $45.00 plan...

And I *still* hear VZW has the best CSR's!