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    I saw a long discussion about getting the TT700 to pair with the Treo 650. However, I did not notice if anyone got this to work with Cingular service. Has anyone got this to work with Cingular?? The TomTom response was:

    "The Treo 650 PDA/phone does not accept external Bluetooth requests. Due to this limitation, the device will not connect to our GO 300/700 devices. Please visit the link below. Once you are viewing the web page, please click on "Features and Specs". "

    Heck I would rather return the TT700 and just spend $250 for the TT car kit and use the Treo as the Nav and save $500. The added value for the TT700 is not worth an extra $500 for a slightly bigger screen and a speaker phone!
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    Anybody get the TT700 and a Cingular Treo 650 paired successfully??
    Here is the second response I got from TomTom after pressing.

    "We are aware that the treo can connect to other Bluetooth devices however the device does not allow our device to connect to it. There could be a few factors that are causing the problem. Each Bluetooth device needs an incoming and outgoing port. If our device is using a Bluetooth port that the treo does not have hard coded into it, then the connection would be rejected. If the Bluetooth port our device uses is a locked port on the treo that could cause a problem with the connection as well. As it stands, we are testing these devices. We cannot confirm if/when a resolution will be available however once a solution is available, it will be listed under the support section of the website. "

    Unless I hear people got this working the TT700 goes back!
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    look at the other thread on this --- i think you'll find that its pretty unlikely that if your able to get it to pair it will may not remain stable

    i returned mine (2 times)after trying everything

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