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    I was looking at the downloads sprint offers at their pcs vision site today, and saw that instead of a one time fee for scrabble (think it was 20 bucks), they are now charging 8.99 a month for the game. Intresting...I'm a big scrabble fan, but I can't see myself spending that much to play the game. Does anyone have any info on this?
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    8.99/month for a game is ridiculous! But then I can't understand paying a per-month fee for ringtones or anything else. Sounds like they're trying to get all of the cash out of us they can. They count on folks not looking at their bills (ebilling and epayment) and not thinking about how much they spend on this kind of stuff.

    I'm happy to pay a one-time fee for this kind of stuff (have even kept my old phone 'cause it has Jamdat bowling on it and only paid once for it), but even a ringtone at $1.99/month adds up to $23.88/year for a few bars of music.
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    Buy it direct from handmark:

    Monthly charges for anything $uck...
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    I use this free/donation/postcardware game Crosswords. Here is the website link One thing I like about this one is you get ot pick the dictionary that your up against.
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    I use that too. It's just as good as official Scrabble, although you have to reorganise the 'special squares' using the editor to make it work in the same way.
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    Anyone ever play Kniffel (the free yahtzee?). Used to have it on my Visor ages ago
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