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    So... I'm into week two with the WiFi sled from enfra. I must admit to using it less.

    With Chattermail going all day, the batteries last about 2.5 hours... meaning that I need to have it plugged in all the time. Not cool. I'm not expecting miracles, but 2.5 hours is a bit short.

    The speed is also disapointing... and packets seem to get lost randomly.

    One thing I did find out is that the enfora WiFi software does do something magic to make Blazer work.

    I've gone back to using Bluetooth DUN ... and it is _faster_ than the WiFi (and doesn't loose packets as often). My treo is also lighter when doing bluetooth . Using the Enfora WiFi manager, BT DUN can suddenly work for Blazer.

    I'm not going to send it back. I still use the software. It's annoying that you can't change the state of the software without the WiFi plugged in, but it's not horrible.

    If you're not using Chattermail, the device is likely more useful... as the palm doesn't tend to stay online all the time.

    But... what I'd really like to know is if we can duplicate the "hack" that the WiFi manager is doing...
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    I like the idea of having wifi (even on my 600) but not when I have to cart around a sled. You are much more forgiving...if I wasn't using it...I would have sent it back already. ;-)
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    Well... in response, I can see myself using it ... just not as often as I thought. It does work ... and I've half a mind to crack it open and see if I can put a larger Lion battery in it. Lion batteries of all shapes and sizes are very common.

    I'm somewhat "with" you on the sled part. I wouldn't carry the sled around to use at a cafe. Nobody (that I know of) even makes a holster for it ... and due to it's design, you can't use a standard holster for it.

    However, for home and work use, it's adequate and I do need to test WiFi support for a SIP phone on the treo.

    ... Which reminds me... I need a SIP phone for the treo.

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