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    I just read the installation information for idletunes, and apparently it will not allow you to listen to music you purchased from itunes (I have 6.0) on your Treo:

    "Copy Playlist To Device - You can copy the tracks from an iTunes playlist to any folder. This is intended for people who use iTunes but do not have an iPod. It is ideal for flash based MP3 players. There are various options available (for example, not to copy AAC files, shuffle the playlist, preserve the order by numbering the tracks etc.). To use this feature, simply choose the playlist that you want to copy, pick a target
    directory (ideally your MP3 player), pick your options and click 'Copy'. Note that
    if you choose to copy protected AAC files (stuff you have bought from the iTunes Music Store) then these files will remain protected on your player - this is probably
    completely useless unless your player is actually an iPod (or one of those swanky new
    Motorola phones)."

    Rexysf, are you claiming that you CAN play itunes-purchased music on your treo through idletunes? Thanks.
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    no,I never said I could play purchased music. I just said I can sync my mp3s with v6
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    Pity. Guess I was too hopeful. Anyway, I downloaded Idletunes and unzipped it, but when I try to open the file it says that "the application failed to initialize properly." This is probably something really obvious I'm missing. Any idea how I could get it to work? If not, I'll email support on Monday. Thanks.
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    did you unzipp all the dll files into the directory?
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    I did unzip the files, but ummmm....where exactly is "the directory?" I tried putting them in my program files, on the desktop, and in a variety of other places. As I said before, I'm not all that tech-adept. Everything I've ever downloaded before had an installer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlsson
    Can someone please explain the easiest and cheapest way to export a playlist from iTunes on my Mac to PocketTunes on my Treo?
    The new version (version 5.0.1) of The Missing Sync for Palm OS from mark/space is pretty easy but not cheap ($40 or $25 if you're upgrading). It includes a Hotsync conduit for iTunes that you can use to sync any playlist (including smart playlists). It worked well for me on first sync, transferring all of the iTunes podcasts without any apparent error. It's a bit slow - 170 Mb of podcasts took about 15 min - but you can set up a Hotsync profile that doesn't include the iTunes conduit and switch to that if you just need to quickly sync other stuff. None the podcasts to which I subscribe have updated yet so I can't say if it will handle updating well (but I've got no reason to suppose it won't).

    The Missing Sync 5 has a lot of other improvements over the previous versions and if you're a Mac user it's well worth checking out:

    mark/space web page:

    TC discussion:
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