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    Chatteremail version 1.1.2
    Treo 650

    When sending an email (larger with file attachment), if I put the Treo to sleep (hit far right button) or it goes to sleep based on timeout, the Treo resets while the send is still in progress.

    This has happened with earlier versions of chatter, and this is the second Treo 650 I have had (consistently the same problem). Very repeatable.



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    Is bluetooth on?

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    I have bluetooth enabled since I use a BT headset.
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    They are related somehow; I've heard this anecdotally before.

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    What is the current plan to fix this?
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    I don't have a plan at the moment, I'm afraid.

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    Happens to me oftenly with no bluetooth. I don't even bother to try anymore and I just sit there and wait for it to send.

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    vet - I've NEVER seen this without bluetooth on. Have you ever sent a log? An error code?

    Can you two tell me who your carrier is? I've only seen this on Sprint phones...

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    Mine is Sprint - Marc, I think this is a big deal that should be fixed asap. Many times I send larger email/files and I have to keep playing with the nav button so the Treo don't fall asleep.

    I would like to send it, and forget it.


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    pinfante - This been an issue ever since the T650 was released, but VERY few people have reported it. It seems to only happen on Sprint phones, and never happens on the simulator. I fear it's a firmware related issue, so although I can take another look, I'm not confident that there's anything I can do.

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    I've sent logs before, and I also have a Sprint phone. I can try logging again, if you like.

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    Logs won't help; this seems specific to Sprint phones, and I suspect a firmware problem.

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    Marc: Can you implement an option to shutoff Blue Tooth while sending?
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    No, I don't have access to that, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.

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    Okay, how about this...force the Treo to stay awake until after the message is completely sent...?

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