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    Ever since upgrading to the latest Sprint firmware, I've been having battery drain problems. Go to bed with 85% charge and wake up with next to nothing with the radio turned off.

    Here's how I fixed it - your milage may vary:

    1. I stopped leaving the Treo plugged in all day. Now, I get to my desk in the morning, charge till I have a green light, then unplug it.

    2. Following every sync, I unplug the Treo and do a soft reset.

    3. I leave the radio on all the time. Previously, I was using Radio Control to turn it off and on at set times.

    This is not the most elegant solution, but it has stopped the turbo battery drain. Now I go to bed with a 95% charge and wake up with a 90% charge. Last weekend, the battery lasted the whole weekend (made about 6 calls, checked mail every half-hour with Snapper) and still had 25% charge left.

    Worth a try. Good luck.
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    Sounds like Radio Control might have been your problem.
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    We have had several in our company with this mysterious battery drain while radio is off. Many have said it has to be a 3rd party app trying to connect or something. I don't believe that is the case. I have 2 Treos in my department that I have set up and given to people with no extra apps at all. Not even Docs to Go that comes with the Treo. And, on more than one occasion, they have turned off the radio "to save battery" only to wake the next morning and the battery be dead. And yes, they too had the 1.12 update.

    I am at a conference in Denver and was fortunate to sit and talk with a Palm engineer. He said he had not heard of this issue, but he listend to me, I mentioned there are many on this board that have mentioned they have experienced the same problem. While I was there, he sent an email to someone else with Palm to report the problem and see if he could get an answer. He took my phone number and email address. We'll see if he actually contacts me. I tlaked to him about a few other issues. Some he knew about and other he did not. I'll post if I hear from them.
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    I just had my first experience with "THE DRAIN". Very odd. I have been on he 1.12 update for at least a month and have not had any issues with it. I went to Puerto Rico over the weekend ( I live in NYC) and wanted to save the battery so I shut off the phone with at least 50% battery and woke up turned phone on and battery was dead. I got home Monday plugged my phone in to charge. I even made a phone call on it. I left it over night to charge. I unplugged it from the charger with out looking at it. It looked like it was frozen with the screen almost completely off like the contrast was at one. I plugged it in and it turned on and said the battery was dead. Now it is draining during the day just sitting on my desk. It has lost about 20% battery in 4 hours.
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    If you haven't just soft reset, it'll "fix" it.. Obviously turning off the radio has some problems, maybe just with Sprint.. I never turn off my radio.

    Funny it obviously spins the CPU if the radio is off..
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    I turn the radio off periodically on my SPCS 1.12 650 - most recently for about a week while I was traveling in Europe. I haven't ever suffered any serious battery drain - saves a ton of battery for me when i've got the phone off.
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    I was suffering from rapid battery drain. All I did was set SnapperMail to always disconnect from the network after retrieving email. Also, I manually disconnect after using the Browser or Verichat. All better now.

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