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    My Treo 650 is one day old, and I'm really happy about it. Had a 600 before so I'm used to some stuff that don't seem to work on the 650.

    For instance, while on call, the keyboard doesn't work. When someone calls, I want to press the Return key to answer. To hang up I want to press backspace. To activate the speaker phone I want to press Space, and so on.

    Where can I find this preference? Or is this not possible with the Treo 650?

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    Why not just use the Talk/End buttons on the phone? Or use the screen?
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    Yeah, I just found the red hang up button...

    But, I still want to use a key to turn on/off Speaker...
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    What about the hardware switch on the top of the phone? That is the greatest invention since electricity and sliced bread.
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    Carlson - may I suggest you RTFM before running to post here. If you still have questions and have searched we are all more than happy to help you out.

    Seriously, you just noticed the red hang up button?
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    Speakerphone: Look at the screen. There's a BIG button that says Spkr-phone. And you can push it and the speakerphone comes on! And... if you hif the 5-way to the right once... it jumps to that button and you can push the center button and... the speakerphone turns on! And if you hit it again... the speakerphone turns off!

    It's absolutely amazing what happens when you sit down and look at the phone. I've found that calling your voicemail is a great way to test new phone settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlsson
    Yeah, I just found the red hang up button...
    Was it lost?

    Seriously, wow, thanks for the laugh. Maybe you'll think folks are being a bit harsh in their responses, but you really were offered some great advice. Read the ******* manual. And learn to search. Both can be very enlightening.

    Enjoy your new phone!
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