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    Ok, it is only 4 a.m. there abouts at the moment so maybe it is just to early for me to be reading the fine print.

    Not one that likes two contracts (afraid of commitment I guess). Saw a post about and it seems like one can get a Sprint Treo 650 for only $199.99 for a one year contract or am I missing something or not reading this correctly?

    It even seems one can get a Verizon for same price or Cingular for $20 less. I'm currently on a treo 600 (was att&t) so don't know if I would be considered a ' New ' Cingular customer. Want to port my number over if possible if I did Cingular.

    I see I need to stand on one leg and count for the magical turn-in rebate form (mail in 180 days to 210 days) b.s. but barring me forgetting to do that it seems like a ok deal plus Sprint seems to have the least expensive data plan.

    Had thought about the earthlink offer but not sure I can live with that provider based upon input I have read on this forum even though they toss in a free wireless headset it appears. $99 though did seem hard to say NO to but I will force myself. Living in florida I don't want to deal with a bad single or provider plus they make u do a 2 year contract I think.

    I can wait until turkey day should anyone think better deals would be online by that time.

    Thanks for any input
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    Don't get me wrong, but your rebate may be in your hands 8 months from now or more if you buy it today. And by then I'm 100% sure that there will be a new Treo besides the 700w which should be out 3 months from now or so. It is not a bad move, but it is not as great of a deal as it sounds either. Also, becareful with this type of rebates because they could turn into a scam if you don't follow the rules exactly as it is stated. If you don't feel confortable calculating dates and billing cycles for future and past dates then forget it.

    Now, a Cingular Treo 650 would not be a bad move if you were able to get it unlocked, but a Sprint Treo 650 as an upgrade from a Treo 600?? At this point is just a waste of money. I would save my money and wait a few more months.

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    interesting thoughts...went back to bed for a few winks. I think of my treo as a phone/pda though mosting I just post notes in calendar, note pad, etc. Screen, even on the 650 would not be super large and figure the download speeds (since they don't do edge/edvo?) are not that great. Would be willing to wait a bit, 1st qtr 2006, for a faster through put for data from web but don't really know what the 700w would do nor if treo really has any plans...that any of us release a new/improved (i.e. faster data for web) model. Had my 600 for about a year and 4 months and like I said if it is a one year contract then I can wait again for pricing to drop by a $1.00 later next year once the 700w comes out. I do like the palm OS if for no other reason then it does simple pda things with easy.
    Those offers are for only a one year contract correct?
    Well got to go earn $ and work, thanks for the input plus any other you may have based upon this reply.
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    The rebates permit a 1-year contract, but there seems to be no way to configure a 1-year plan on their web site. I guess it might be possible to do this by phone, but I doubt it.

    BTW, a few weeks ago I ordered a Sprint 650 from with essentially the same deal. I'm pretty sure that the deal is actually serviced by Wirefly. Note that the Wirefly voice plans are slightly more generous, and you can even buy a $30 voice plan, while the minimum is $35 on

    Also see this thread:

    Good luck...
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    Having moved from a 600 to a 650, I think it would be inane to get a 650 at this point. Three months seems like a long way off but the difference in terms of data cost might even be worth the extra $200 you may have to pay for the phone. However, I wouldn't put it past Palm to charge a higher price than you have been accustomed to seeing...

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