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    In the middle of downloading a very large page into Blazer through reverse DUN, I got a text message -- and my Treo 650 crashed. So far, no problem.

    But when it booted up, I found that all the chat threads were gone. Messages were still in the inbox, but the threading info had been deleted or corrupted. Also, the startup screen now shows an indicator for one message, even though I've now erased all the old messages in an attempt to clean up the problem.

    I've tried soft and warm resets. Anyone know if there's a file I can delete manually that will set things right?
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    You need to delete the Messages_Database file.
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    Thanks, that did the trick!
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    Just read this thread and deleted the Messages_Database file which finally got rid of the SMS icon. It was on for weeks even tho I had no messages waiting.

    Thanks Bill.
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