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    Anybody using TomTom with GoodLink? Does TT have enough memory to run after GoodLink is Initialized?

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    I have GoodLink (but not TomTom), so I do understand the likely memory limitation when you have both. I've seen a few very recent posts of others using GL and TomTom on the GoodLink thread, so you could ask there.
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    GoodLink and TomTom do not play nice together. If you have GoodLink running and try to start up TomTom, you will receive an ARM Load Read error. I've spoken to the Tech Support people at TomTom about this and the only solution is to perform a soft reset to clear the cache.

    Both applications have rather large footprints and with the known limitations of the 650 there really isn't much to do. It's a pain in the ****, but I need both apps to run, so, I find myself starting up TomTom first, then initializing GoodLink. That seems to work OK most of the time.
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    I would give TomTom a call, I know that back in April they were planning on testing with goodlink. Not sure if it has led anywhere but the developer at TomTom that I delt with said they were getting alot of calls from customers and they wanted to get it resolved.
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    I've had TT5 and Good ( running together for a couple months, and at least for me they play ok together...I can run them both on my Cingular 650 (1.31/1.15CNG) without having a conflict...the Cache is a little tight, so if I bring up a 3rd program that needs cache (such as Realplayer running in the background to play MP3's in the car) then I do see an occasional soft reset after a while(w/all 3 going)...So if I'm taking a long drive (and want Nav/Tunes) then I'll just do a quick reset at the beginning (really to shut down goodlink since their is no other way to turn it off), ...I've got mreset loaded so it just takes one key to do that

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