I just picked up a C-Pen 600c (pocket scanner) and was wondering if anyone out there had used one with their Treo 650. I've got about 4,000 pages of legal docs i have to go thru and pluck out a sentence or two from each page. The C-Pen scans it, reads the text and creates a file that I can beam into my PDA. The thing is, the resulting file automatically gets placed into the Treo's memo pad. My question is this: sine the memo pad will only hold files that are about 1,000-words in size, does anyone out there know if there is any way to automatically route the data from the C-Pen to another section of my Treo that will hold larger files - such as Documents To Go? I'd love to have it land in a file that i could email out as an attachment, instead of having to hotsync it into my Mac. (Apparently, that's the only way to get the files into a Mac.) . . . . . Thanks for any help you can provide - j