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    I'm sure someone else posted this question but I cant find it anywhere.

    Cingular just sent me a "new" TREO 650 replacement. I have tried changing the sim cards and hot syncing but my desktop just wont HotSync now. Nothing happens -

    I tried making a New User name on the TREO and the desktop and still nothing happens.

    I understand that I will have to reload the applications but I was hoping I could at least hot sync the Palm stuff.

    Im going to buy a battery and try to beam what I can but Im not feeling to hopeful about things.

    Any ideas? Please help- Thanks!

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    This is tough w/o being there. My first reaction is both the PC and the Treo or "stuck."

    Reboot your PC to see if you can unfreeze the Hot Sync Manager and Hard Reset the Treo to get it refreshed and see if they will play nice with each other then.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    If you have PDA net loaded on your PC, make sure it is not in the tray bar before beginning your first synchronization. Especially if it was for the Treo600.

    Hope this helps!

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